A long term project investigating in three acts the potential synergy of spatial transformation and performance. The project responds to the architectural, political and cultural factors imposed by the process of renovation of the the Alte Reithalle, an old Military Riding School into a cultural space in Aarau, Switzerland.

Act 1: Deconstruction
Over four days the public was invited to start the deconstruction process by dismantling the interior fittings. The visitors of the Open Space chose from a selection of analog tools and independently dissected the space within a designated area. The lust for destruction turned into a collective construction activity, leaving behind a bizarrely broken landscape.

A final performance deconstructed, moved and destroyed the centrally located wooden bridge. The middle part was shifted by thirty meters to the west, opening up a new view across the hall and creating an opening for the audience to cross the space.

One hour - two years

Artistic Direction, Performance: Elias Kurth / Performance: Jacob Ingram-Dodd / Live-Sound: Daniel Steiner / Light, Construction Supervisor: Nik Friedli / Communication, Dramaturgy: Anouk Gyssler / Assistant: Noah Schweizer / Production: Elias Raum, Wernli Performance

Supported by
Aargauer Kuratorium, Stadt Aarau, Godi Hertig Stiftung, Hans und Lina Blattner Stiftung

Co-production with Bühne Aarau

In Cooperation with Stadtbauamt Aarau, Barão-Hutter.Atelier, FARA (Freunde Alte Reithalle Aarau), and all participants of the Open Space

Aargauer Zeitung, AAKU June 19


‣ October 5 - 14

Ausland-Residency, Berlin

‣ October 25

Broken Spaces Are More Likely
3rd Act: Raw Stage Alte Reithall Aarau
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‣ December 5

Embodying Bauhaus / 101 Bauhaus Fetishes
Performance Workshop, Bauhaus Dessau


Elias Kurth (b. 1984 in Aarau, Switzerland) is an artist, performer and architect based in Berlin. Working across these disciplines, Elias Kurth explores the tensions between fictional and factual spaces, between individual fantasies and societal realities.
The projects vary in scale, duration and media, and always draw from the human body as a source of knowledge. Using movement as a thinking tool, Kurth develops intersections between performance, architecture and visual arts. His curiosity for the yet unknown and a strong sense for spaces and emotions create situational poignant experiences. The work, ranging from sensitive gestures to brute physical acts, reveals his playful reading of internal and external realities and their conflicts.

Elias Kurth graduated from London Contemporary Dance School ‘The Place’ (2009) and worked with several choreographers such as Lea Anderson, Requardt&Rosenberg or Compagnie Shifts. He graduated as an architect from the University of the Arts (UdK) in Berlin (2018) where he studied amongst others with Jean-Philippe Vassal, Enrique Sobejano, and Alexandra Ranner. He has worked as an architect for Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation and Compagnie KHZ. His own work has been shown in the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

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